Top-5 best financial blogs and why Barron’s image is sagging

This week, Barron’s announced a new “stock tracking” blog on their Online site. Bob Something will be posting comments, mostly mumbo-jumbo about stocks, trying to lift the sagging paper from its downward spiral and difficult transformation. (Note: Give this paper a real face-lift!!) The editor went further and disclosed info about the number of hits the site gets currently. Fortunately for us, top blogs led by people like me, Barry Ritholtz, Kirk, Bill Cara and of course Seeking Alpha are already getting similar numbers (hits) without the support of Wall Street brokerage-lackey journalists.

While I have respect for a lot of the journalists writing for Barron’s I do believe independent, not institutionalized blogs are the best source of information about investments and finance. For one,

We are not paid and pushed by Wall Street research houses to sell you what they need to dump on you.
We are not paid to be “Socially correct” and will rip anyone’s head apart if it they present weak or imbecile information, aimed to hurt the investors.

Most of the stock coverage in Barron’s should be rated triple “B” for BORING. Anyways, good luck to them, thank you for landing here and reading, clicking and what not, therefore expressing support for me and the rest of the blogging community. I believe that we are revolutionizing the Internet giving you a fully grass-rooted experience. Come again and be healthy this week!

…and These are the new Top-5 best financial blogs. Drumroll!! (note: I am modest
Wallaston Investments
Infectous Greed
Brett Steenbarger Weblog

The most influential investment book to read in 2008: by ex-Soros legendary fund manager Jim Rodgers “Bull on China”

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