The Empires are not to be trusted again

This link below is to a very interesting interview with Putin. He is definitely a diplomat and civil reformer who has his country’s best at hand. His task to put back together a country that was economically destroyed is not really getting much support abroad. My thoughts on the Georgian standoff are ranging from support for Russia to not trusting Russia and then to not trusting we, America are honest about what we actually have in mind in that region. It must be very expensive to run an Empire, be it Russian or American, although there will be friends of the government, who will make out the best. We crush little countries, play with their leaders, and destroy their aspirations for ethnic independence and self-preservation. The whole issue of how unhealthy human society/order is, and how many people will suffer, when greedy special interests dictate direction is rather sad. This is a very difficult topic, where the difference between what is the right vs. what is the wrong are not clear at all. What seems clear is when money and nationalism come into question, there are no people that can to be trusted in politics. No world leaders are to be trusted unless they submit to, rebuild and follow the United Nations.